Tips to Get Your Child Reading

In this day of game consoles, personal computers, and smartphones it is hard to get your child to sit down and read a traditional book. As parents we all know that reading is still a fundamental skill that must be exercised, practiced, and is an important part of our child’s development. It is a common challenge for parents to get them to read, so here are some tips to change your child’s mind about reading.

1) Read with your child – Taking the time to relax with your child and read a chapter or two is a great way to show your interest in their books. If your child is at the age where reading with you is not “cool”, then sit with them and ask about what they just read. It is a great exercise for them to transfer what they just read and articulate it into a short version. The other benefit, you are spending quality time with your child.

2) Let them read

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what interests them – Not every child wants to read “Tom Sawyer” or “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Trying to force your child to read something that does not interest them will only make the experience an exercise, not enjoyable. You may not think the book is educational, but if your child wants to read a book about sports or the Justin Bieber story let them. It is the behaviour of reading that you want to create, not every book has to be educational. Practicing reading is the key; any book can provide that for them. Sometimes even a good comic can provide the same goal.

3) Get your child to ask for suggestions – Teachers, librarians, and even their friends can recommend books that will be of interest and will engage them.

4) Use any opportunity to make them read – Having breakfast with your child, ask them to read you something from the box. Don’t make it an exercise, ask them to help you by reading it while you are busy doing something else. See a great article on Twitter, get them to read it to you while you are cleaning up

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after supper or while doing something around the house. Again, if you approach it as “can you help me while I finish this…”, your child will be willing to read it. Even the smallest reading experiences help with their overall comfort with reading.

5) Don’t nag them – Do you like when someone hounds you? Even if you know something must be done, do you like when someone continues to pressure you? So what makes you think that nagging your child to read is going to make them like it? Put the fun back into it by picking up a book of jokes or humour, and reading it together at night. Let them know that it is their choice, but if you use some of the tips above they will

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enjoy spending 15 to 30 minutes reading every night.

It is hard to be a parent and compete with all the fun things a child can do. Getting your child to read takes effort on your part, but once you have created a habit that they enjoy you will have developed an avid reader. Then you can sit back and enjoy a book yourself.

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