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Learning a new language has many benefits. It is an enriching experience that enhances academic growth, opens new doors and encourages new ways of thinking.
Why should your children learn Spanish?

Here are some good reasons to expose your children to Spanish at an early age:
Learning Spanish allows communication with over 400 million people worldwide.
A new language provides new ways to look at the world and sets the foundation for new opportunities.
Over 27 million homes in North America have Spanish as their first language.
In Canada alone over 1,000,000 people speak Spanish.
What often begins in homes as language learning for one child, results in fun for the entire family.
Learning Spanish will also develop an appreciation for the cultural diversity in Canada and in the world.
How can I help my child learn Spanish?
Read Spanish or bilingual books to your child; you can make it easier to practice at home with the help of audios or videos.

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Other resources available are language education programs and language camps.

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