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My name is Celina Gutierrez and I am the founder of Tap Peques. I am originally from Mexico and as an immigrant mom, one of the gifts I was deeply committed to sharing with my daughter, is the gift of keeping our Spanish heritage alive.

However, as a Canadian, I found it very difficult to find Spanish Books and activities for kids, Spanish Classes for youth and I found it more difficult to find Hispanic and Spanish Events for kids and families. Also, as friends were planning their vacations, they began to request “How to Learn Spanish” enough to get by in Mexico, Spain or other Latin American countries.

As a business woman, it was a natural fit for me to fix this problem. Tap Peques is a place where you can access Spanish Lessons, promote your Hispanic Events, find Spanish Books for kids and young adults, as well as attend live Spanish training courses in Oakville.

Our Spanish programs for kids and youth deliver a “learn by doing” hands-on method that helps kids learn faster and retain more!

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Today, Tap Peques has grown to be one of Canada’s leading Spanish educational learning centres with a fabulous selection of Online Resources, Books, Live Events, Learn to speak Spanish classes and more!

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Celina Gutierrez, CEO & Founder Tap Peques
Tel. 905-582-5690
Oakville, ON

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